Jason Njoku, founder of iRoko Partners

Video of the Day: Jason Njoku, founder of iRoko Partners

VideoMind Interviews iROKO Partners Founder Jason Njoku | VideoMind:
At VideoMind, we want to bring you the latest insights from individuals working at the forefront of Internet TV. One of the biggest trends in global cinema right now is the explosive growth of the Nigerian movie industry. Nollywood produces more movies per year than the Hollywood system (only India's Bollywood turns out more feature films on an annual basis). iRoko Partners is the world's largest online distributor of Nigerian movies. The BBCThe Telegraph and PandoDaily have featured the venture-backed digital media company. I recently sat down with Jason Njoku, who founded iRoko Partners in 2010, to discuss the global reach of Internet Television, the Nollywood phenomenon, and our spirit animals. Selected quotes are transcribed below.

On iRoko Partners . . .
We're like the Netflix of Africa. We take the best, premium African movies -- typically from Nollywood -- and put them online for people to enjoy worldwide.

On the Nollywood phenomenon . . .
You've heard of Hollywood. Most people have heard of Bollywood. Nollywood is the west African movie industry which is centered in Nigeria. We're talking about the world's second-largest film industry in terms of output after Bollywood. It's electrified the entire African diaspora.

On reaching a global audience online . . .
We've amassed the largest collection of Nollywood movies ever collected in one place.
We set free this content so the whole world can see it.
We get traffic from 178 countries. There are people from the African diaspora everywhere.
I think the great thing about online video is that it democratizes people's ability to get this content.

On the benefits of distributing media online . . .
[It is better because] on your terms, you can watch as many or as few movies as you want.

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