Dewar's White Label Live true, Alex Honnold

Dewar's White Label "Live true" / Alex Honnold from Mireia Pujol on Vimeo.

Shot in California, at the Yosemite National Park with Alex Honnold. He is an American rock climber best known for his free solo ascents of big walls. He has broken a number of speed records, most notably the only known solo climb of the Yosemite Triple crown: Mount Watkins, The Nose, and the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome.

Director: Mireia Pujol / /
Production: Agosto / /
DoP: Borja López / /
Colorist: Xavi Santolaya / /
Music: Pere Jou / /
Editor: Lucas Nolla / /

RED Redirect, No time for Dreaming (video)

RED Redirect (No time for Dreaming) from Jason Hernandez on Vimeo.

RED gave 12 skateboard cinematographers the opportunity of a life time. RED supplied all of us with the same camera package, and told us to come back in 2 months. We had a week to complete our edit, with no guidelines, and total freedom. The Berrics is hosting our videos on their site 1 week at a time.

Artist statement:
Ret BTS:

Thanks RED, the Berrics, and Nike SB, and of course Trevor Colden for killing it.

Music: Charles Bradley, Song: No time for dreaming.

Cool Hunting Video

Cool Hunting Video: David Sena from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.
Several years ago, we visited artist David Sena's studio to peep behind the curtain and find out about his unique process. Sena (who has given a few CH staff members tattoos in the past) creates large-scale artworks using an unusual method: the Cooper Union graduate "paints" almost exclusively using fireworks. The results are fantastic. The artist translates rough burn marks and leftover trails from smoke bombs into mesmerizing pieces that viewers would never believe were born from roadside explosives. We donned respirators and went back to visit Sena—and finally capture his work on film.

The Usual (video)

The Usual from Nicole Stafford on Vimeo.
Inspired by a summer working in a 24/7 cafe

Music: David Aguila
Sound Design: Luke Taylor
Animated in TVPaint, composited in After Effects

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Mega YouTube Stars, How to Get Millions of Hits (video)

Mega YouTube Stars on How to Get Millions of Hits: Video - Bloomberg:
(Allow video to load after clicking play)
Rosanna Pansino, Michelle Phan, and Bethany Mota -- representing the most-watched fashion, DIY, and cooking channels on YouTube -- share their tips on how you can cultivate a huge following of your own.
(May 6 - Bloomberg) - free internet TV - video events showcase - free movies and videos

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