Video of the Week: Stardust

Video of the Week: Stardust from Adrien Servadio on Vimeo.

High Definition & headphone for better experience.

Directed by Adrien Servadio
With : Fanny Sage
Director of photography: Baptiste Chesnais
Editing: Elodie Sempere
Music: Alban Sautour
SFX: Benoit Talenton Flam & Co
VFX : Adrien Servadio

Production: Why Us?
Producer: Christophe Starkman -Frederic Fleurier - Rudy Tasimovicz
Dir production: Bruno Vignier
Production assistant: Helene le Gourrierec
Camera: Picseyes
Stage manager: Alexandre Luu
Make up: Maelle Billard - Paris Berlin
Phantom Operator: Jean Michel Poulichot
Operator assistant: Benjamin Denoyer - Fanny Soulabaille
Gaffer: Baptiste Brousse
Set manager: Sebatien Grasso
Electrician: Romain Merlhe - Adrien L'Hommedé
Ast SFX: Guillaume Puthod - Ronan Charadia - Arthur Grandet
Sound design: Alban Sautour

Studios: Studios d'Aubervillier
Camera accesory: Vantage
Machinery: Next Shot
DOP agent: Kinou Conseil - Kinou & Anne-Lise

Video of the week: NOVA

Video of the week: NOVA from James Alliban on Vimeo.

Headphones recommended.

Nova is an experimental study of the visual arts technique slit scan with a particular focus on emphasizing its spacial and temporal properties. The slit scan image is created using video footage of bioluminescent deep sea creatures, particularly Comb Jellyfish. These creatures acted as a source of inspiration for the form and animation. The resulting structure resembles a surreal organism that is locked into an ever-increasing state of perpetual growth, decay and transformation.

Music - No Idea by Luk Dab -

More info here -

Video of the week: IONIAN

Video of the week: IONIAN from Ryan Clarke on Vimeo.
A short film about sailing the Ionian Greek islands with family, with my Grandad Denis as the skipper.
All shot in Kefalonia/Ithica, Greece.
All handheld and shot on 60D, with 24-105 lens.
Music by Michael Giacchino - UP and Arcade Fire - Photograph.
Shot, edited and graded at POST89.

¡Una Carrerita, Doctor!

¡Una Carrerita, Doctor! (a doctor's job) from Julio O. Ramos on Vimeo.
A financially strapped doctor is moonlighting as a cab driver when he picks up a fare who requires more than just a lift

Official Selection:
Telluride Film Festival '11
CFC Worldwide Film Festival '11
Palm Springs Short Fest '11
Huesca Film Festival '12
Havana Film Festival '11
Vancouver Film Festival '11
Shanghai International Film Festival '11 ...

Ministry of Culture in Peru's Short Film Competition 2012
Television Academy Foundation's College Television Awards 2012
British Academy of Film and TV arts' Student Awards 2012 ... - free internet TV - video events showcase - free movies and videos

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