America's Cup - Full CG boat race

Video of the Day: America's Cup - Full CG boat race

Full CG promotional trailer for the upcoming Americas Cup in San Francisco.
Since none of the new bigger boats have yet been built in real life there were no real point in shooting anything on location so Lost Liner were brought in to create the upcoming race in San Francisco Bay in CG instead. The San Francisco were recreated from areal photoes and 3D water. The CG boats were built according to existing blueprints with a CG crew added and animated to bring life. The CG ocean were set up with Softimage ICE to automatically create splashes of water when the boats hit the waves. The only thing shot were some still images of the San Francisco skyline to use for constructing a mattepainting of the city backdrop.

To be able to realise director Johan Rimérs grand vision Visual Arts turned to Lost Liner for lookdev, lighting cinematography, shading, water simulations, rendering and Comp.
Modeled in Maya lookdev and fluids in Softimage, Rendered in Arnold. Lens flares and water splashes on the camera were then added in After Effect to finish of the effect.

Working with director Johan Rimér were as always very inspiring and pushed us to go that extra mile needed.

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