Chance Encounter on the Tiber

Video of the Day: Chance Encounter on the Tiber
by Edo

A project by: Lisa Bielawa and Robert Hammond
Produced by: Tevereterno
Timelapse by: Edoardo Cicchetti -

Chance Encounter on the Tiber was the pilot for an urban revitalization plan combined with a musical performance composed expressly for outdoor public space. The project turned the walkway along the Tiber River in the center of Rome into a vibrant social open space by focusing on two simple means: movable seating and musical performance.

All music composed by Lisa Bielawa © Ganesa Music (ASCAP)
Album availble from Orange Mountain Music
Susan Narucki, Soprano
The Knights
Produced/Engineered/Edited by Adam Abeshouse
The musical composition Chance Encounter is a project of Creative Capital.

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