KaapiN - Taxi Taxi (PART I)

KaapiN - Taxi Taxi (PART I) from Megan Palero on Vimeo.
PART I "Taxi Taxi"

Part 1 of KaapiN's (PH) first animated music video series (2014) - "Taxi Taxi".
The video depicts a bizarre experience in which are unlikely to be related to someone's dream involving strange creatures and inspired by surreal world.
It interprets a phenomenon of seeing patterns in a random dream environment
-A ritual of "tribe" wherein they all programmed to be not in their own thoughts
and living as unconscious beings.

Music by KaapiN
Michael Nuesca [Vocal Orchestra, Melodica]
Rotsanjani Mojica [Synths, Beats, Glitch, Noise]

Animation and Illustration by Megan Palero

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