Handle with care (video)

Handle With Care from ticktockrobot on Vimeo.
As a tongue in cheek rough guide to caring for a newborn baby, Handle With Care combines factual information with the imagination and personal experiences of director and first-time father, Jun Iwakawa. The resulting visual interpretation plays out in the form of a humorous, often warped, infographic.

Split across nine categories: Bonding, Sleeping, Feeding, Poo/Wee, Bathing, Clothing, Playing, Transporting, and First Aid, this is a whistle stop tour of practical data and tips which leaves the viewer to decide what is fact and what is most certainly not.

Writer/Director/Animator: Jun Iwakawa
Producer : Jun Iwakawa & Samantha Armstrong
Narrated by Sonya Iwakawa
Additional Direction: Simon Armstrong
Additional 3D Animation: Leo Fernandes
Additional 2D Animation: Thomas Malins & Brook Morgan
Character Designs: Christian Zebitz & Thomas Malins
Music: Clas Tuuth
Sound Design/Mix: James Locke-Hart

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