Burglars of Media, 1971 documentary (trailer video)

1971 Trailer -  (video above)

In '1971,' an analog precursor to NSA, Snowden - Yahoo News: "...The burglars of Media, who anonymously mailed copies of the stolen documents to three newspapers, were never caught. "1971" was made in tandem with a book by Betty Medsger, "The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover's Secret FBI," published earlier this year. (Medsger was the Washington Post reporter who broke the story in 1971.) At the publication of the book, five of the eight revealed their identities and they're featured on camera in the film. (They likely can no longer be tried for the break-in.) Led by then-Haverford College physics professor Bill Davidon (who died last year), they're a collection of regular citizens, including a cab driver and a social worker. Two of them, Bonnie and John Raines, had three kids at the time. With family photos and old video, "1971" presents the burglars not as political firebrands, but as typical Americans. "They're ordinary Americans who decided to take a stand," says Hamilton, a producer of the Oscar-nominated documentary "Pray the Devil Back to Hell."..."

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