Google Street View Hyperlapse

Google Street View Hyperlapse from Teehan+Lax Labs on Vimeo.

Create Stunning Visuals With Hyperlapse Photography & Google Street View [Updates]: The Google Street View Hyperlapse project is just a fun experiment, but it showcases the potential of Google Street View when it is combined with emerging technologies. The user interface gives you the tools to create your own hyperlapse animation on any location you choose, provided its covered by Street View. It works best on Chrome and an adequately powered computer. To get a better idea of what this hyper-lapse is all about, all you have to do is visit the project’s website. It takes a while to load and then the magic happens. You can also create your own hyper-lapsed route between any two points on the Google Map. Use the A and B placemarkers, set a focal point, and click on Create. The tool uses existing Google Maps and Street View datasets to create a hyperlapse for you.

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