Video of the Day: Destino

Notes from Wikipedia:
The film Destino began in 1945 with a creative collaboration between American animator Walt Disney and Spanish painter Salvador Dali .

Storyboard for Destino («Fates" - in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese) drew within eight months (in late 1945 - early 1946), artist John Henchy (from Disney) and Salvador Dali, but the project was canceled by Disney because of financial problems associated with World War II . Henchy has provided Disney animated 18-second test in the hope of once again cause Disney's interest in the project, but Destino still considered unprofitable and postponed indefinitely.

In 1999, Disney's nephew Roy Edward Disney , who worked at the time of ' Fantasia 2000 ', has decided to revive the forgotten project. To do this, have decided to use a small branch of Disney in Paris. The producer of the cartoon was Bladuort Baker , a director - French animator Dominique Monferi , speaking for the first time in this capacity. Using the help of the Henchy, as well as diaries wife Dali - Gala Dali , a group of twenty-five animators "deciphered" the intricate drawings of Dali and Henchy, and embodied in the life of the project.

The result is a cartoon created by the technique of the traditional (hand drawn) animation using computer graphics. The original 18-second video included in the film (in a scene with two turtles ).

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