District 1.5

Video of the Day: District 1.5 from Drew Geraci on Vimeo.

Creator's Notes:
HDR Time-lapse @ www.TheVoder.com

DC is one of the most difficult places to shoot. No tripods, no fancy equipment, only a single camera.

After planning my shots and figuring out what time would be best to shoot, I went out and started this HDR Time-lapse production.
During the course of the shoot I was stopped 9 times by NPS (national parks service) and three times by DC Metro police. Apparently there was a target on me... It does look suspicious though when a guy is toting around a giant blue time-lapse slider, 3 tripods and a battery. Because of the numerous roadblocks I wasn't able to use my Dynamic Perception time-lapse slider as much as I had intended, but the shots that I did get were pretty impactful (In my opinion).

This is my first project conceptualized completely in HDR. During the course of the shoot I was able to refine my HDR process and eliminate almost 30 hours of processing time by switching some settings around on both my camera and in certain programs. HDR is one of the most fun things to shoot and this production really opened my eyes to what it's capable of. It doesn't need to be all "Harry Potterish" but a simple and subtle blend of imagery will do the trick. This project is only the first in a long line of ideas I have brewing up in my head.

I hope you enjoy it! And if you like it, please share it!

Thanks so much!

A special thanks to all of those that helped get me access or supported my shoot (with ideas, time, and food!)

(Melissa Myers, Johnny Bivera, David Kosling)

Shot over a 3 day period; ranging from 4AM-12AM.
Rendered, edited and produced in 1 day.

Music by: Gregg Lehrman - "Spirit of the storm"

Shot on:
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 II
Canon 50mm f/1.4
Tamron 28-300 f/3.5-5.6

Complied in:
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Adobe After Effects CS5
Custom HDR Software

and a Dynamic Perception Stage Zero

For licensing information please contact me at ageraci@thevoder.com

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